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What Kind of Horse is Right for You?


horse and kidWhen going out to buy a horse, you want to make sure the horse you buy is right for you, your children, and your level.

Beginning Riders

Beginning riders want to look at horses that are experienced and used to dealing with inexperienced riders. You want a horse that will help teach you what is correct and not fight with you when you're uncertain. This can come in any breed, color, age, height or gender; what you are looking for is not these things, but instead attitude, training level and experience. It is important to note, however, that younger horses are not always a good choice as they do not have the same level of experience with beginning riders as an older horse. Beginning riders will want horses between 10 and 18 years of age in general- but this is only a guideline, you may find a younger horse that suits you quite well. It is also, generally, recommended that beginners look at mares and geldings over stallions as they have a tendency to be gentler. Again, this is just a guideline. Height is an issue of preference; someone short may not want a horse that is too tall and children may be downright afraid of a taller horse.

What is most important to consider is their background and experience level, as well as their attitude. Horses that have been ridden a lot by different levels of riders, have worked with children, and behave well no matter who is riding are worth consideration. You want a calm and dependable mount if you're a beginner, not a horse that is sluggish or mean and wild. There is such a thing as a patient horse and this is the horse a beginner wants. But remember, just like with any animal sometimes you click and sometimes you don't. Even if a horse seems perfect in every other way but you still don't feel comfortable, don't buy him. Keep looking until you click with a horse in every way.

Child Riders

Small riders, in addition to requiring a horse with experience and gentle personality, need smaller and safer horses. While many people head right towards ponies, ponies can often be difficult to find because they are not often well trained. You will want a horse or pony that has been ridden by children before and has a history of patience and lack of attitude. You do not want an animal that will take advantage of its tiny rider. Be sure your horse is well trained and understand that it must take care of your children. And most importantly, be sure your child knows that they should ALWAYS wear a helmet when working or riding their horse!

Trail and Recreation Horses

More experienced riders may be looking to get a horse that they can take around town or go off trail riding. If you don't want to get a younger horse and have them trained or work with them yourself, you will want to get a horse that has a lot of experience around traffic, in hills, on trails and out in the wilderness. The last thing you want is a horse that won't walk on uneven ground or refuses to walk near the street because the sound of cars startles it. If you are going out with friends, be sure your horse is used to be around others and won't misbehave.



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