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Cost of Owning a Horse


expensive horseConsidering going in for the long-haul and purchasing a horse? Before jumping in with both feet you'll want to consider the financial costs of owning such a large animal. Below is a breakdown, by category, of the items necessary for owning a horse and their approximate costs. It is, perhaps, both their size and the cost of equipment that makes owning a horse so expensive. When your animal weighs, on average, 1000 pounds you must be able to feed them and handle their upkeep. The costs of each item individually is not so bad, but all of them together create sums worth serious consideration.

This article assumes you will be boarding your horse.

Initial Purchases:
Boarding, pre-purchase Vet exam, grooming equipment, riding clothing and horse tack, saddle, rugs.

Boarding: The costs of boarding your horse are dependent on location, the nearer you are to a big city the more it will cost, the facilities and amenities such as indoor arenas, wash racks, trails, automatic water and feeders, and the services they provide; a self-care service will cost less than full service. When self-caring, you will be expected to supply everything but shelter and fencing, the cost will increase as you give the facility more duties in regard to your horse. You will also have to arrange vet and farrier visits. Full board is the opposite; everything is done for you. Lessons may be included in the cost or they may not. Research the stables in your area for the best deal.

Average Self-Care Cost: $200
Average Full Service Cost: $700

Pre-Purchase Exam: Like with any animal that you are going to be spending money on, investing in a pre-purchase exam is just a healthy habit to get into. You don't want to spend thousands of dollars on a horse just to find out you can't ride it or it can't jump. A little prevention goes a long way.

Cost of Exam: $200-$500 Depending on what is done.

Grooming Equipment: It is important that you have the right tools for the grooming job. Though the cost upfront is a tad daunting, these tools will only need to be replaced as they wear out.

Hoof Pick: About $1.00
Curry Comb: About $9:00
Mane and Tail Comb: About $4.00
Grooming Spray: About $30/ Gallon
Body Brush: About $9.00
Soft Bristle Brush: About $4.00
Clippers: About $150.00
Tote or Box: About $10.00

Total Cost:  About $220.00

Riding Clothes and Tack:
What you and your horse wear and use are just as important as how you use them. Whether planning to indulge in western style riding or the showmanship of dressage, you want to be prepared.

Pants: Approx. $100
Boots: Approx. $200
Helmet: Approx. $100
Chaps: Approx. $60
Gloves: Approx. $20

Riding Clothing: $480

Horse Clothing:
Turnout Blanket: Approx. $200
Leg Protection: Approx. $20
Ear Protection: Approx. $10

Total Resting Horse Cost: $230

Riding Equipment (average price):
Saddle, English: $800.00
Saddle Pad:$40.00
Saddle, Western: $750.00
Western Saddle Pad: $100.00
Browbar: $80.00
Girth: $70.00
Reins: $30.00
Stirrups: $30.00
Stirrup Irons: $20.00
English Bits: $20.00
EnglishBridles: $60.00
Western Bits: $25.00
Western Bridles/ Headstalls: $40.00

Total Tack Cost:  $1265.00

Upkeep Costs:
Your upkeep costs include things like food, farrier, deworming and vet visits for regular  upkeep. These costs are presented in a per month number as opposed to an annual or per day.

Hay: Approx. $90.00 for unmixed
Concentrate: $90.00 for high quality feed
Salt Block: $420.00
Deworming: $15.00/ 3 months
Farrier: $30.00 for trimming/ $80.00 for shoeing
Dentistry: Approx. $200.00
Annual Vaccines: $300.00
Vet Check Up: Approx. $200 depending on what is needed
Bedding: Approx. $20.00

Total Upkeep Cost: $955/ $1035 if shoeing


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