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Find Out Information About 100 Different Horse Breeds
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We have profiles for 100 of the world's most popular breeds of horses, giving you the best resource possible when it comes time to decide between a horse that's used for riding, a horse that will tour around in shows, or even a horse that will have to work for its meals. With articles covering what sort of horses to look for, how to care for them, and other fun activities, you'll be set for your life with horses in no time.     

brown horse running

brown horseWhen selecting the perfect horse, you'll need to know exactly what you hope to accomplish with them. Do you primarily need a horse for riding? How about racing? Or do you perhaps intend to take your horse around and compete in shows or competitions? Whichever the reason, we're here to provide you with the resources to make the right choice.

Riding Horses

Most every horse can be ridden, but not all breeds are equal. Some are better suited for younger and more inexperienced rides, such as children, while others need someone with a few tamed broncos under their belt before mounting up. Which breeds do great on all terrains? Which breeds have the stamina to go on and on? Take a look and choose wisely.

Work Horses

horse looking backBeyond recreational riding, horses play a pretty big part of ranch life and simply make sense when down on the farm. Horses are built strong and tend to enjoy getting harnessed up and pulling their weight around.

Some breeds do better than others, though just about every horse can be put to use with a cart or a plow or simply as a means to herd cattle. All it takes is a willingness and patient hand to set your horse to work.

Show Horses

white horse running

Maybe the life of a worker isn't what you had in mind for your horse. Maybe you'd prefer they had a chance to travel around and win some awards for being in the best shape, having the cleanest mane, and standing out when placed next to all other breeds.

Maybe the best horse for you is a show horse, going to competitions and getting judged on their official breed standards, among other qualities. This is of course a big commitment on your part to keep your horse's health beyond that of perfect.

Sport Horses

brown and white horseThen again, the life of a horse can easily be all fun and games when they've got some speed and agility behind their haunches. If you plan to raise a real winner, you might be looking for a competitive sport horse.

Quite a lot of training goes into sport horses as they'll need to be in top physical condition for races and competitions. Plus, they'll need to be properly instructed to jump on command, sprint when needed, and generally know how to do exactly what you want, when you want it.

Some of the most famous horses come from the sport of horse racing, and though the Sport of Kings isn't as much in the spotlight as it used to be, race horses are in no danger of becoming extinct any time soon.

Pony Breeds

Of course, not every horse needs to be larger than life. Sometimes the best horse is a nice small pony. Most breeds of pony are very calm and great for kids learning how to ride for the first time, or just wanting a more advanced pet to care for. Plus, they take up less space on your farm, and that's certainly something to consider.

Caring For Horses

baby appaloosaEvery breed has different qualities that make then unique, beyond just their primary use. Some are more surefooted, others are just tamer than the rest, but every horse has their own special reasons for being in your life.

Knowing the temperament of each breed before going in will help when deciding which breeds to raise together as some horses don't mind sharing the space while others will be having none of that. Each breed is different and each requires the proper knowledge to raise the proper horse.

Some horses are built for all weather and all hazards, and some need extra care. Knowing is half the battle, and we're here to arm you with the right tools to tackle each aspect of horse life, from birth, to raising them to maturation, to breeding new horses, and the inevitable end to a great life. So browse our profiles and articles with confidence knowing that a wonderful horse is just right around the corner!

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